Stable Instability – Style

Stable Instability – Style

“Kommersant Style” is about products with an ingredient that is created to quickly add energy to both you and your skin.

Vitamin C is always heard of - in cosmetology it is called irreplaceable along with retinol: everyone needs it, it is useful, it protects the skin from free radicals, evens out its tone and promotes collagen production. Vitamin C is an important element necessary for tissue growth and repair, but it is not synthesized in our body naturally and can only come from outside. In cosmetology, this is an extremely capricious ingredient that loses stability and effectiveness when in contact with air, light and water (the basis of most skin care products), which makes it very difficult to use and requires a special approach for cosmetics manufacturers. Some try to make creams with an anhydrous base to ensure long-term stability of vitamin C, others use cold-press extraction methods, encapsulation, and super-concentrated formulas.

It is important to remember that this vitamin is not recommended for people with very sensitive skin, and it works well with other antioxidants such as vitamin E and ferulic acid. Do not use it with acids, which may cause excessive skin irritation, especially if used daily. Lastly, don't use it with retinol, which can make the vitamin C more...yes, unstable.

Irina Kiriyenko

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