St. Petersburg is among the top three regions of Russia in terms of quality of life

St. Petersburg is among the top three regions of Russia in terms of quality of life

St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Moscow region led regional rating on the quality of life of the population. It was compiled by RIA Novosti experts based on the results of 2023. Two capitals received more than 80 points out of a hundred, and the Moscow region received slightly less.

Vladimir Putin previously spoke about the need to introduce such ratings. He noted that it is necessary to improve the quality of life of Russians both in large cities and in small settlements.

“St. Petersburg consistently fulfills the instructions of the head of state, and this is evidenced by the results of the rating. Assessments are given as objectively as possible, including based on people’s opinions and sociological surveys. Our main priorities remain family, health and education,” said St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov.

When compiling the rating, experts used data from various Russian departments. Indicators such as income levels, housing conditions, safety, demography, ecology, healthcare, education, economics and others were taken into account.

“In St. Petersburg last year, investments in the city’s economy amounted to a trillion rubles. Task number one for us is to further create conditions for effective and structural transformation of the economy and increase labor productivity. These are the main derivatives for increasing citizens’ incomes and improving their quality of life,” emphasized Alexander Beglov.

The top ten leaders in the ranking account for almost 50% of the total GRP (gross regional product) of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

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