“Sonya has lost her conscience”: Safronov explained Rotaru’s prank after the terrorist attack at Crocus

“Sonya has lost her conscience”: Safronov explained Rotaru’s prank after the terrorist attack at Crocus

“She is Thomas, not remembering kinship”

Sofia Rotaru outraged Russian fans with her behavior after the terrorist attack in Crocus City. The singer's outraged fans cannot hide their disappointment. “Khutoryanka” turned out to be one of the few singers who did not express condolences after the terrible tragedy.

Sofia Rotaru at one time performed regularly at Crocus City. There she was received as the main guest. Sofia Mikhailovna was always provided with a VIP dressing room with all amenities and security, even during national concerts. Few received such honors: Alla Pugacheva, Lev Leshchenko, Valery Leontyev, Irina Allegrova... At the same time, Sofia Rotaru did not overwork herself in Crocus. She usually worked to a soundtrack, sometimes without even getting into it.

After the tragedy at Crocus, when heavily armed terrorists shot spectators at point-blank range, even artists recognized as foreign agents expressed condolences. And only Sofia Rotaru did not utter a word. These days, she only publicly congratulated her grandson Anatoly on his thirtieth birthday, and then her daughter-in-law. There is complete silence about the terrorist attack at Crocus. It was as if nothing had happened. The singer’s ignorance of the terrorist attack in Moscow greatly outraged the star’s Russian fans: they unsubscribe from her social networks.

“Sonya has completely lost her conscience,” the singer’s fans are indignant on social networks. “She was always appreciated for staying away from politics. And now what’s happening to her! She’s already a grandmother - she must have some intelligence. This means that when Ukrainian air defense missiles fall on residential buildings, she is right there - she condolences, displays pictures with “folded hands”. But about “Crocus”, in which fans always applauded her, she did not say a word. Foma, who does not remember the relationship."

Representatives of culture are more reserved in their comments. For example, artist Nikas Safronov hopes that Rotaru still experiences emotions within himself.

“A person can carry the pain of a tragedy within himself and not always show it,” says Nikas. – Of course, fans are waiting for what their idol will say about this or that event. Therefore, sometimes public people still need to express their position openly. Especially if a tragedy of such magnitude occurs that leaves no one indifferent - when innocent people who came to a concert of their favorite band are shot. Perhaps Rotaru does not find the words to express his condolences publicly. I really want to hope that she deeply empathizes with the victims of the tragedy and their loved ones, like each of us. Because this terrorist attack can cause only one reaction in any normal person: horror, pain and endless sympathy.

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