Social network X sues Media Matters, accusing it of libel

Social network X sues Media Matters, accusing it of libel

Social network X has filed a lawsuit against the non-profit organization Media Matters. In the lawsuit, filed in federal district court in Texas, X accuses the NGO of defamation. The agency reports this Reuters. Previously, the owner and head of X spoke of his intention to file a “thermonuclear lawsuit” against the organization.

The reason for the lawsuit was the publication of Media Matters' own investigations, which claimed that social network X does not block posts with positive ratings, for example, Adolf Hitler, and his quotes are framed as inspirational statements. On the social network, as Media Matters pointed out, positive memes about National Socialism are published, the Holocaust is denied, etc. And next to such posts there are sometimes advertisements for large corporations, including IBM, Apple, Oracle.

After the publication of the investigation, several major X advertisers, including Apple, IBM, Walt Disney, suspended placing your advertisement on social networks. Mr. Musk himself also came under criticism, including from the White House, for agreeing with one user’s opinion that Jewish communities promote the same hatred against white people that they demand to stop against themselves.

According to the plaintiff, Media Matters “manipulated” the social network’s algorithms: it used accounts that followed only large brands and at the same time marginal content, and “constantly updated” the feed until it found advertisements next to publications with extremist content.

According to X, the Media Matters investigation portrays the social network in a false light “in order to harm X and its business.” Media Matters itself responded to news of the lawsuit, calling it “baseless” and aimed at “silencing X’s critics.” “Media Matters is responsible for its publications and is confident of its victory in court,” the organization told Reuters.

Alena Miklashevskaya

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