Russian Post denied information about data leakage

Russian Post denied information about data leakage

On the morning of January 24, some telegram channels reported that a leak had occurred in the Russian Post, as a result of which the personal data of the company's customers appeared on the Internet. The company denied this information.

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The personal data of Russians posted on the Web, allegedly belonging to clients of the Russian Post, is made up of other information leaks, the Moskva city news agency reports with reference to the Russian Post press service.

“Our information security specialists investigated the database mentioned in the request. Attackers continue to upload outdated data with the substitution of the date of creation of records. This is a compilation from other information leaks, ”the press service of the Russian Post says.

The leak of customer data of the Russian postal operator really took place, but in July last year. And not from the company itself, but from the base of the contractor.

“After the July incident, we conducted a full security audit of information systems, and there were no leaks from them,” the Russian Post specified.

Meanwhile, a fragment of the database posted on the Web contains more than 141 thousand lines, each of which indicates the full name of the person, his registration address and actual address of residence, date of birth, gender, passport data, and also in some cases SNILS, TIN and phone number. According to the GIT telegram channel, apparently, the data was received no earlier than November 2022.

Rospotrebnadzor will check the information about the new data leak. Its specialists must establish when and from where the attackers obtained confidential information.

Alena Bodrienko.

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