Putin: Russia is forced to defend traditional values

Putin: Russia is forced to defend traditional values


Russia will change, but maintaining its identity is at the core of its future. This statement was made on Thursday, April 4, by Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Russia is forced and must defend its traditional values, the head of state noted. At the same time, he emphasized that “of course, the country will change, and people will change, but preserving identity lies at the heart of the country’s future.”

Earlier, Kremlin Speaker Dmitry Peskov said that traditional values ​​for Russia are literally a matter of life and death. He called make traditional values ​​fashionablesince “we must have children, we must increase mobility, we must live in different cities throughout our lives, which must be equally comfortable.”

For transferring spiritual experience to new generationswhich is designed to promote the preservation of “traditional spiritual and moral values, patriotic and spiritual and moral education” of young people, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the Concept for the preservation and development of intangible ethnocultural heritage, designed until 2030.


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