Aeroflot passengers now have access to domestic lactose-free milk

Aeroflot passengers now have access to domestic lactose-free milk

The airline's press service reported that from April 8, lactose-free milk of domestic production will be introduced into the on-board menu in Business class. Along with traditional milk, passengers will be able to choose lactose-free milk at their discretion on all airline routes.

The company expects that alternative lactose-free milk with coffee or tea will be in demand among passengers, as lactose intolerance is a common feature that often leads to unpleasant symptoms.

In addition to lactose-free milk in business class, the airline has also expanded the menu range in Comfort and Economy. “Strong drinks have appeared in the Comfort class wine list this spring. “Snack bars have appeared in Economy class on flights from Moscow to Bangkok, Phuket and Male and in the opposite direction,” follows from the carrier’s press release.

And travelers on long distances between meals will have access to domestically produced light snacks. These include fresh apples, bran crackers, muesli cookies, nuts, milk chocolate and traditional Tula figs.

Let us recall that at the end of last year the airline significantly increased the share of Russian products in the on-board menu. Today, more than 90% of items, including milk, poultry, bread, sauces and juices, are entirely Russian. Passengers are also offered almost entirely domestic meat, fish, seafood and cheeses. In addition, the share of import-substituted wines is actively increasing. Representatives of the carrier emphasized that the current on-board menu is formed based on the principles of a balanced diet and the wishes of passengers.

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