Prigozhin called Pugacheva’s big mistake

Prigozhin called Pugacheva’s big mistake

Joseph Prigogine: Pugacheva should not have criticized those who did not leave Russia

Producer Joseph Prigozhin spoke about the big mistake made by singer Alla Pugacheva, who left Russia after the start of the SVO. writes about this.

According to the publication’s interlocutor, the Diva had every right to leave the country and go abroad after her husband, but she made a big mistake when she criticized those who could not do the same.

What the singer has said over the past two years is “dismaying,” Prigozhin said.

The producer added that Pugacheva was a very influential person in the country along with the president, and could have remained the same now, but made a different choice.

Earlier, Prigozhin explained on his anniversary in a conversation with “MK“Why didn’t he and Valeria leave Russia?

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