Pierre Narcisse's widow married his friend: both had a tragedy

Pierre Narcisse's widow married his friend: both had a tragedy

Kalacheva's chosen one was the author of the hit "Lonely Lilac Branch"

Today information has emerged that Pierre Narcisse’s widow, Valeria Kalacheva, secretly got married a year and a half after her husband’s death. As MK learned, the wedding took place in a closed format; not even close friends were invited, including the director and closest friend of Pierre Narcisse Sergei Dvortsov. The newlyweds did not want publicity, so they hid what happened as much as possible.

“I was dumbfounded by this news this morning,” producer Dvortsov told MK. Valeria Kalacheva married Evgeny Shakhrai, producer and composer. On the one hand, it came as a shock to me, since she didn’t even tell me anything. Although this is understandable: we no longer cooperate with her, we do not maintain any contacts. Everything I could do for her after Narcissus died, I did. On the other hand, I'm happy for her. Pierre Narcisse has been gone for a year and a half, and Lera could not find a place for herself for a long time after his departure. Some may say that not much time has passed... Not a little! Within a year and a half, the pain subsided, and, of course, Lera wanted to live like a normal person again.

- What can you say about her chosen one?

- Shakhrai is a good, talented man, he was Pierre’s friend. In show business they talk about him only in a positive way. Lera once said that she would like to meet a creative person like herself and Pierre Narcissus. So she found one. I am truly happy for them, they both also have a difficult fate. Eugene had a tragedy - his son died, but I don’t want to talk about it, Valeria’s husband left.

The guys are now also working together, recording joint tracks and performing, but, most importantly, there is really love between them, and not self-interest. And I am sure that Pierre Narcissus in heaven sees what is happening, and, most likely, is happy for Valeria that she has found a life partner. Still, after Pierre’s death, it was very difficult for everyone to cope with his passing: Lera, his daughter Caroline, and me. I want to wish them happiness, and that there are no squabbles or quarrels in the family. I wish them to live according to their conscience, according to their spirit.

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