Pavel Volya compared Victoria Bonya to a flounder

Pavel Volya compared Victoria Bonya to a flounder

Famous showman Pavel Volya once again made his fans laugh. A native of Penza spoke about his trip with his family to Kamchatka. The comedian not only shared his impressions of how he was amazed by the geysers, volcanoes, bears and fish of this region of Russia, but also again went through the stars of show business.

This time it went to the outrageous socialite Victoria Bonya, who recently had plastic surgery. Talking about the diverse and exotic marine inhabitants of Kamchatka, the presenter compared Boni's new face to a flounder fish.

“Flounder, you see, is a very strange fish. Her mouth is like this, and her eyes are like this. She looks, in my opinion, like Bonya after all the operations,” the comedian joked. The audience appreciated the joke and exploded with laughter. Victoria has not yet responded to Volya’s attack.

Let us remind you that Victoria Bonya flew to the USA at the beginning of September to undergo plastic surgery with a famous surgeon. After that, she hid her face to allow it to heal completely. She showed off her new look only in November, surprising all her fans with a refreshed face.

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