Nine trains stopped near the Crimean Bridge - Kommersant

Nine trains stopped near the Crimean Bridge - Kommersant

Traffic is blocked on the Crimean Bridge. Because of this, nine trains were stopped near the bridge. reported Grand Service Express company. What the restrictions are related to is not specified.

As of 8:21, four trains traveling from Crimea and five trains to Crimea were stopped in the area of ​​the Crimean Bridge:

  • train No. 068 Simferopol—Moscow;
  • train No. 426 Simferopol—Kislovodsk;
  • train No. 174 Evpatoria—Moscow;
  • train No. 092 Sevastopol—Moscow;
  • train No. 316 Adler—Simferopol;
  • train No. 425 Kislovodsk—Simferopol;
  • train No. 092 Moscow—Sevastopol;
  • train No. 173 Moscow—Evpatoria;
  • train No. 028 Moscow—Simferopol.

The company added that “trains will begin operating as soon as permitted.” According to press service bridge, traffic on it was blocked from 0:35 am.

On March 1, the editor-in-chief of the Rossiya Segodnya media group and the RT channel, Margarita Simonyan, published an audio recording of a conversation that allegedly took place between high-ranking Bundeswehr officers. They discussed the potential use of long-range Taurus missiles by Ukraine, including for attacks on the Crimean bridge.

Read more about the scandal in the Kommersant article. "Words of Defeat".

Laura Keffer

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