New blooper: Biden said hello to oyster bunnies

New blooper: Biden said hello to oyster bunnies


US President Joe Biden has once again embarrassed himself. At a children’s Easter event at the White House, the elderly politician misspoke and welcomed “oyster” bunnies instead of Easter bunnies.

Biden’s reservation appears to be due to the similarity in English between the words “Easter” and “oyster”.

Unlike the audience and reporters, Biden did not notice his slip and continued: “Say hello to the oyster bunnies. Get over here, bunnies, so you can be seen.”

Earlier, Biden, speaking about the mistakes of the United States, said that Washington “you shouldn’t have interfered with Ukraine”. Then the politician corrected his own mistake and said that “the United States should not have gotten involved in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Before that, Biden, instead of a new election program for the beginning of the election cycle voiced the old version, which I used in 2020. The President, apparently, did not notice his mistake, because he did not correct it and continued his story.


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