Named the 6 most dangerous foods for dogs

Named the 6 most dangerous foods for dogs

Canadian veterinarians named the six most dangerous foods for dogs

Employees of the veterinary clinic Upper Canada Animal Hospital in Canada named six products that are most dangerous to the life and health of dogs, writes The Sun.

The list of the most harmful foods for four-legged pets is headed by onions and garlic. Plants that are poisonous to most dogs destroy the animal's red blood cells, which can lead to sad consequences.

Another dangerous product is called avocado, because the substance persin contained in it is toxic to dogs.

Veterinarians strongly discourage owners from feeding their pets with grapes of all varieties. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and even kidney failure.

No less toxic to animals and chocolate. Moreover, the darker, the more harmful.

Experts also included chewing gum in the list of harmful products due to the content of xylitol. It can almost immediately cause liver failure in a dog.

The pet should not be given painkiller ibuprofen - dogs, as Canadian veterinarians are sure, are extremely sensitive to this drug.

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