Moscow doctors talk about the health of a patient with West Nile fever

Moscow doctors talk about the health of a patient with West Nile fever

A man brought an exotic disease from a trip

Moscow doctors saved a patient who was bitten by exotic insects while traveling. The man was diagnosed with West Nile fever: it causes severe complications such as meningitis.

As MK found out, a young man named Ivan was recently admitted to Infectious Diseases Hospital No. 2 with alarming symptoms. The patient complained of weakness, headache and fever, which had not subsided for several days. Doctors examined the man and noticed that his legs and arms were covered with numerous marks from insect bites.

Ivan told specialists that he returned from a trip to an exotic country less than a week ago. Doctors compared the symptoms and suspected a viral disease, which is transmitted by blood-sucking insects. The man was tested for vector-borne infections and diagnosed with West Nile fever.

According to doctors, this disease begins acutely and can be very severe, affecting the central nervous system. It can cause meningitis and meningoencephalitis. To avoid dangerous complications, it is important to detect the disease early and begin treatment.

Ivan was immediately prescribed complex multicomponent therapy. Very soon the drugs had a positive effect, the patient’s well-being quickly improved. After five days in the hospital, Ivan was discharged home; his health is not in danger.

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