Microsoft will sell Teams as a separate product – Kommersant

Microsoft will sell Teams as a separate product - Kommersant


The American corporation Microsoft will now sell Teams as a separate product for corporate clients, and not just as part of the Office suite and Microsoft 365 commercial packages. The company made this decision six months later, as in the European Union the company was forced to release Teams as a separate application in order to avoid fines for violating antitrust regulations.

New enterprise customers will be able to purchase a standalone Teams subscription for $5.25. An office suite without Teams will cost between $7.75 and $54.75, depending on versions. Teams was included in the Office suite in 2017 and gained popularity during the coronavirus pandemic when the need for video conferencing arose. The company has been accused of saying that including Teams in Office gives Microsoft a competitive advantage. The company initially released a separate Teams app in the EU and Switzerland, but has now extended this rule to the whole world.

Previously Microsoft added a number of improvements to the work of the Copilot AI assistant in Teams – it has learned to combine written chats and oral transcripts into a common presentation, where summary notes will be presented. Also on Teams appeared ability to hold 3D meetings

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