Liberzh Kpadona was cremated in the Moscow region in a closed coffin

Liberzh Kpadona was cremated in the Moscow region in a closed coffin

Former participants of the television project "Dom-2" today saw off their 36-year-old colleague Liberzh Kpadona on their last journey in Korolev, Moscow Region. Her death was announced over the weekend. It turned out that the girl died alone in the apartment from cardiac arrest and her body lay there for 41 days before it was discovered. Liberzh was buried in a closed coffin.

Maria Kokhno, Dmitry Dmitrenko, Egor Kholyavin, Elena Kamiren, Aliana Ustinenko, Joseph Mungolle and others came to say goodbye to her. reports Starhit portal.

Kpadonu's death came as a surprise to many, although she reported that she had been diagnosed with a tumor in her lungs and was being treated in hospital. But friends say that Liberge did not look so bad that one could expect the worst. Doctors say that death was caused by cardiac arrest, but many put forward other versions.

“The parents are still in shock from the death,” notes EG.RU. Eyewitnesses say that the girl's mother and father were crying loudly. After the farewell ceremony, the body of the ex-participant of “Dom-2” was cremated.

Friends say Liberge last reported that she was going to the hospital. They thought that she was continuing to undergo treatment, and did not understand how the girl ended up at home alone and why she did not contact anyone.

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