Liberge’s mother spoke about the tragedies plaguing their family

Liberge's mother spoke about the tragedies plaguing their family


Today in Korolev, Moscow Region, the funeral of 36-year-old ex-member of House-2 Liberzh Kpadonu took place. Liberzh’s mother Nadezhda Evgenievna said that the family had been having a very hard time lately. In addition to Liber, her dad was also sick.

“Unfortunately, I don’t remember when we talked, everything got mixed up. Her dad was just in the hospital, had an operation, and his daughter was supposed to have an operation, everything happened almost simultaneously. And when I called her, the phone was already turned off “, – conveys her words SratHit.

The farewell ceremony took place in the Alexander Nevsky Chapel. Liber’s parents cried at the closed coffin. After the funeral service, the body was cremated.

Liberzh was born in St. Petersburg. She was 36 years old. Her father is a native of Africa, her mother is Russian. It was previously reported that Liber died of cardiac arrest.

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