Kvadra_T went to retail – Kommersant FM

Kvadra_T went to retail – Kommersant FM


Kommersant FM columnist Alexander Levi discusses how competitive the device from the Russian developer will be.

Of the well-known projects on the domestic mobile market, the YotaPhone 2 model, which, by the way, debuted ten years ago, seemed to have the most potential. The idea of ​​a device with two screens and its implementation in the second version looked, if not great, then at least promising. It seemed that by the third or fourth generation users would receive a strong, competitive smartphone from a Russian brand.

True, by the end of 2014 the domestic economy faced, let’s say, difficulties. And the vendor Yota Devices raised the cost of the device from the original 32.9 thousand rubles. to the mark of 39.9 thousand rubles, and the white version was already sold for 42.9 thousand rubles. With such price tags, sales went poorly. And subsequent periodic price reductions did not help matters. As a result, sales failed.

A decade later, another Russian company, Yadro, begins retail sales of its Kvadra_T tablet at a price of 41.9 thousand rubles, CNews reports. This is the amount the domestic manufacturer is asking for for an 11-inch model with its kvadraOS platform. It is based on the free and open Android Open Source Project, which is solely maintained and developed by Google.

The tablet has 128 GB of storage, 6 GB of RAM, and an unnamed 8-core processor with a frequency of up to 2.4 GHz is responsible for performance. It is unknown whether the Kvadra_T will have a chipset designed by Yadro itself. But the expectations in this case are more than logical. Now the new product also has a slot for SD cards, the device supports LTE and Wi-Fi communication, and there are two colors of the metal back: “Serenity” and “Argentum”, which in reality are lilac and gray.

Kvadra_T made its debut in May last year at the CIPR conference. Then the device received shockproof status, since it was defiantly dropped on the floor, showing resistance to falls. But how important is this particular feature to consumers? Especially considering the prices in the competitive field, which is replete with Android tablets. In addition, you can currently purchase a Russian tablet and accessories in the form of cases and a stylus only on the vendor’s website. And popular sales channels are not used.


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