iOS 17.5 will feature tracking protection – Kommersant

iOS 17.5 will feature tracking protection – Kommersant


The American corporation Apple has released a beta version of iOS 17.5 for developers, in the code of which found a protection system against tracking accessories used, in particular, by scammers. Apple is set to release the update to all users in May 2024.

In 2023, Apple announced it was working with Google to create an industry-wide policy to combat unwanted surveillance. Now iOS has added a notification that the device will identify all tracking accessories, even if they are not in Apple or the Find My app, after which users can disable them and prevent their location from being shared with device owners.

The feature is currently not available to beta users, but is expected to be included with the release of iOS 17.5. Currently, iOS only tracks Bluetooth surveillance devices if they are Find My certified. Google and Apple are going to create a universal system that can detect and warn about surveillance accessories.

About the possibility of cooperation between the corporation and Google – in the material “Kommersant FM” “Apple Embeds Artificial Intelligence”.

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