IOC: Russians who did not support the conflict in Ukraine are recommended to be allowed to compete

International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommended to admit to the competition those athletes who did not oppose the peaceful mission of the IOC, "actively" supporting the conflict in Ukraine.

In the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), this recommendation remained dissatisfied, although they recognized it as "a step towards athletes." After the start of the military operation, Belarusians and Russians were excluded from international competitions.

According to the recommendation of the IOC, adopted after discussion with the national federations, only those athletes who fully comply with the Olympic Charter will participate in the competition.

We are talking about those athletes who "actively" did not support the conflict in Ukraine. If any athlete does not comply with this criterion, the organizer of the sporting event should immediately suspend him from the competition, recommends the IOC.

“No athlete should be banned from competition just because of their passport,” says the IOC.

“We still categorically disagree with any restrictions, additional requirements and sanctions that relate to the nationality of our athletes and are again being offered to us as a condition for returning to the international arena,”— commented ROC President Stanislav Pozdnyakov.

Earlier, the Olympic Council of Asia proposed to allow athletes from Belarus and Russia to the Asian qualifications.

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Maria Fedotova

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