Hockey club "Siberia" terminated the contract with Fedor Gordeev - Kommersant

Hockey club "Siberia" terminated the contract with Fedor Gordeev - Kommersant

The Novosibirsk hockey club “Sibir” has terminated the contract with defenseman Fedor Gordeev. Previously, the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) refused Siberia's request to overturn the decision on four technical defeats for exceeding the limit of foreign players.

“Siberia and Fedor Gordeev terminated the agreement at the initiative of the hockey player, the rights to the player are assigned to the club. In 42 matches of the current season, the 25-year-old defender scored 7 (2+5) points with a usefulness rating of “-2,” the report says. KHL.

In January 2024, the hockey club was deprived of four points for participating in the September matches of four foreign players (Canadians Andy Andreoff, Taylor Beck and Trevor Murphy, as well as Fedor Gordeev) when the regulations allowed three. The latter has dual citizenship; he received Russian citizenship after the start of the season.

Today, February 12, the KHL refused to cancel the decision to award Sibir four technical defeats. The League explained that at the time of the club’s application for the season, Fedor Gordeev did not have the right to play, since the player’s sports citizenship is determined at the time of application.

More details in the text “Kommersant” "Sibir protects the defender".

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