“He is definitely capable of creative tasks at the amateur level” – Kommersant FM

“He is definitely capable of creative tasks at the amateur level” - Kommersant FM


Kommersant FM columnist Alexander Levi talks about the strengths of the new laptop computer from Huawei.

Laptop manufacturers often place versions with large display diagonals in a special category. This is either a gaming series, a conditional professional series, a creative series, and the like. There are several reasons for this, including justification for size and weight. In the case of the MateBook D16 2024, Huawei does not say that this is a computer for special people or special tasks. The vendor defines it as broadly as possible through the slogan “Become better.” A wise decision, especially considering all the possible configurations of the model.

The user has access to five variations of Intel processors at once: from the 12th generation Core i3 to the 13th generation Core i9. Depending on the selected chipset, there will be an Intel UHD video card on board for the younger versions, or an Intel Iris Xe for the older pair. RAM, 8 GB or 16 GB, will also have to be decided in advance. It cannot be expanded. Storage is available in 512 GB or 1 TB. I was able to test the new product in its maximum configuration.

And specifically for it, synthetic tests showed an excellent level for an office solution. He is definitely capable of creative tasks at an amateur level. This machine is not suitable for modern AAA games. But you can have fun with famous titles from five to ten years ago, for example GTA V. In any case, an IPS display with a resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels will not be able to produce more than 60 frames per second.

Separately, it is worth noting the rather thin frames of the 16-inch screen. At first glance, this is a cosmetic detail – a difficult task for engineers, but the effect is impressive. MateBook D16 2024 looks smaller than its actual dimensions. It is not possible to lift the top cover with one hand. But it can be expanded 180 degrees. As a person who experienced the fright of such a random and at the same time impossible movement on his first laptop, I find this option extremely useful.

The form factor made it possible to place number keys on the keyboard. I’m sure people who work with numbers will appreciate this. I liked the fingerprint scanner built into the power button, which is already traditional for Huawei computers, quickly and properly, as well as the “Super Device” function.

At the same time, the power adapter was upset. For some reason, the developers chose not a composite version, but a monolithic one. The USB-C cable cannot be pulled out of the unit. This is inconvenient for carrying, and from a repair point of view, the solution is worse. It’s good that the MateBook D16 2024’s batteries last for at least eight hours.


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