Full-time fathers were encouraged to transfer money to the budget with the birth of a child

Full-time fathers were encouraged to transfer money to the budget with the birth of a child


The first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Education, Yana Lantratova, came up with an interesting social initiative. The deputy sent a letter to the head of the Ministry of Education and Science with a proposal to transfer male students from the paid department to the budget if a full-time student becomes a father during their studies. True, the benefit with such a transfer will not affect all young dads. But only good fathers who “properly” fulfill their parental responsibilities.

The deputy emphasized that we are talking only about full-time students of colleges and universities receiving their first higher education.

“It is proposed to provide the right to transfer to free education also to students who became fathers while studying in educational programs of secondary vocational and higher education,” Lantratova suggests in a letter addressed to the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. But there is also a clarification: “the above-mentioned citizens” must “perform the duties of raising and educating children properly.”

Last summer, another Duma faction came up with a proposal for a similar benefit, but only for mothers – female students. And she even submitted for consideration a bill in which students who gave birth to a child “during full-time study” were given the right to transfer from a paid department to a budget one.

“Our bill will help young mothers complete their studies at university on a budget-funded place,” explained the authors of the initiative. — You can return to university at any time after the birth of your child. It will be fair”.

It must be said that the “law on pregnant students,” as it was immediately dubbed, immediately caused a wave of negativity. From “where to get additional places and funding for them” to “everyone will immediately get pregnant, just not to pay for education.”

Now no one is criticizing the proposal for young student fathers who could be given the right to switch to free education. After Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly, where large-scale goals for social development were announced and specific amounts were named.

Namely – 9 billion rubles for the development of the national project, “Personnel”: training of specialists “in the field of engineering, defense industry, medicine, pedagogy.” And, therefore, here is an additional budget for the relevant technical schools, schools, colleges and universities.

A record 400 billion from the federal budget is for the construction of 40 state-of-the-art student campuses. Putin also spoke about the campuses of the future at a meeting with students at the Baltic Federal University on Tatyana’s Day. Only the bar has been raised since then – they planned 25 campuses, and now they decided to build 40 (and 8 of them have already been built in different parts of the country). This is exactly on the topic of children’s students and young student families: “To study, work and raise children,” Putin said.

But that’s not all. In his message to the Federal Assembly, the president said that it was decided to extend the Priority 2030 university program for another 6 years and allocate 160 billion rubles for it. Of course, not all universities in the country are a “priority”, but still, for the best, this is yet another funding. And it can also be used to create reserve budget places. And if we remember about the national project “Demography”…

“I believe that it is right to provide such a translation not only to student mothers, but also to student fathers,” says social psychologist Valery Raushinsky. – This is true, first of all, from an everyday point of view. Because if a young family is without support, the mother is not working on maternity leave, then the paying father needs to quit studying. If a full-time student on a budget with a small child somehow manages to get out and takes a part-time job, then in a paid department in such a situation the only thing left to do is quit school, and that’s all.

The same probably applies to girls. When a child appears, you need to invest a lot in him, including purely financially. And the mother will choose what the money will be used for and will sacrifice her education for the sake of the child. And if the family also lives on rent, the situation is stalemate. That’s why campuses with family rooms and temporary rooms for children are so important. Or normal family hostels.

But I would also like to note one more benefit of the fact that the benefit will apply to both parents. This is a living and effective fight against gender imbalances in society. Where many people have it in their minds that children are the area of ​​competence and responsibility of women. Both the responsibilities and privileges associated with childbirth and upbringing should be distributed between the two parents. The State Duma, as our flagship, demonstrates a modern approach. Please note that even the relevant committee has changed its name. Now it is called the State Duma Committee on Family Protection, Issues of Paternity, Maternity and Childhood.


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