Doctor Volodchenkov: “Pugacheva has started to experience atrophic changes”

Doctor Volodchenkov: “Pugacheva has started to experience atrophic changes”

Doctor Volodchenkov spoke about atrophic changes in Pugacheva

In recent times, Alla Pugacheva does not look the way people are used to seeing her. It is known that the singer has repeatedly turned to the services of plastic surgeons. However, over time, these procedures only worsened her appearance. There are several reasons explaining this, he writes about it

After moving to Israel, Alla Pugacheva faced serious and hefty problems. The climate in the country turned out to be too humid and hot, which negatively affected the health of the Diva. The singer began to experience difficulty breathing, and her legs began to swell, which made it difficult for her to move, surgeon Ivan Volodchenkov told the publication.

In addition, due to numerous plastic surgeries, Alla Borisovna’s face has acquired an irregular shape, and one of her eyes does not open properly. Now her distorted facial expressions are frightening, the expert said.

Surgeon Ivan Volodchenkov noted that restoring Pugacheva’s face is almost impossible. Repeated lifts only worsen the situation, making the appearance even less attractive. Disturbances in facial expression indicate that the last operation was unsuccessful, perhaps the buccal branches of the facial nerve were damaged, or atrophic changes began that slowed down muscle work.

The expert also drew attention to the “pits” on the singer’s face and recommended that patients stop with plastic surgery in time, since each subsequent intervention can only worsen the situation, affecting nerve conduction and blood supply to soft tissues.

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