Dmitry Drize - about new initiatives to combat illegal immigrants

Dmitry Drize - about new initiatives to combat illegal immigrants

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is introducing a new bill on migration to the government. The document provides for reducing the period of stay of foreigners to 90 days and introducing the so-called digital profile of a foreign citizen. Against this background, the idea of ​​​​creating a new federal department that will oversee interethnic relations and attracting foreign labor is being discussed. The Kremlin said they had not heard anything about this. Meanwhile, various channels record the outflow of labor migrants from Russia. Kommersant FM political commentator Dmitry Drize traditionally fears excessive activity by officials.

Numerous Russian ministries, departments and other subjects of executive and legislative power are trying once again, it is already difficult to say how many times, to finally resolve the migration problem.

Offers are received almost daily. Among the main things is the creation of some kind of authorized federal body for migration and interethnic relations, and even with law enforcement functions. It is also planned to connect digital technologies and artificial intelligence. It's scary to imagine what it will be like. Obviously something global - beware, illegal.

However, there are also smaller-scale initiatives. The general idea is to tighten the current rules. Meanwhile, migrants are leaving. Not all, of course, but many. This, in particular, is confirmed by the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment of Tajikistan. The wards are complaining, they are afraid of all these toughenings. So it's easier to wait it out. Perhaps some percentage will return soon in the hope that sooner or later the storm of activity will subside. In the meantime, of course, it’s better to go on vacation, otherwise it might cost you more.

As we know very well, our country has been fighting illegal migration for the last 20 years. Many different laws have been adopted in this regard. They are trying to teach the Russian language to visitors, and our history. The rules of the law are explained. Or rather, it should be so, but, as it turns out, for a small amount you can avoid all this and get the necessary documents.

They invited their Russian citizens to work, and even prisoners, but without migrants it is difficult to achieve economic growth. Therefore, we have to attract them. Plus a political point: these are citizens of the former USSR, they cannot be rejected, including because they want to maintain their influence on these countries.

To be fair, it is worth noting that Russia is not at all unique here, because similar difficulties exist in all large industrial countries. Illegal, he has no rights, pay him pennies - what a savings.

Will the mega-ministry help here? It’s hard to say, just not to overdo it, otherwise we’ll really be left without labor.

Maybe try to come from the other end, not through tightening, but, on the contrary, through liberalization? What does it mean? First, recognize that a migrant is also a person and has the same rights as locals. There is no point in going into further speculation, because all these measures are on the surface.

But for some reason it is believed that prohibitions and tightening are more effective, although life clearly proves that this is not the case. 20 years have passed, so many different responsible structures and officials have changed. And what? Start over again. Maybe change approaches? However, we will rely on artificial intelligence. Robots will replace people, and, lo and behold, the problem will disappear by itself.

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