Derevianko spoke for the first time about his girlfriend’s illness

Derevianko spoke for the first time about his girlfriend’s illness


The actor appeared at the premiere without his new girlfriend

Not long ago, Pavel Derevyanko declassified his new relationship. The artist’s chosen one was a girl named Zoya. Their joint photos and videos have already been seen by fans on social networks. Well, today Derevianko appeared at the film premiere completely alone, which raised questions from journalists who were waiting for a joint appearance with the girl. The actor hastened to reassure: he is still in a relationship, Zoya is just not feeling very well.

“She’s sick,” the artist told reporters on the red carpet.

Pavel also said that he not only chooses the look for the red carpet himself, but sometimes also listens to his friend’s advice.

“If a person has taste, and Zoya has excellent taste, then why not,” said Pavel.

When asked by MK whether Italian passions are boiling in this couple in the form of breaking plates, etc., Pavel replied that this never happens.

“When I was young, yes, now no. I’m already 47,” the artist explained.

Pavel also said that he is now trying to spend maximum time with his chosen one, and friends, as they say, will wait.

“I spend my time mostly either with the children, or with my girlfriend, or at work,” said Pavel. At the same time, he clarified that Zoya’s children treat him well, but the children of the actor and his girlfriend do not yet know each other.

Well, when asked if he plans to tie the knot, Derevianko replied: “Let’s figure it out – time will tell.”

Let us remind you that the actor’s chosen one, Zoya Futs, is engaged in clothing design; she is 14 years younger than Pavel.


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