Deputy Terentyev expressed bewilderment at the publicity of the detention of the chairman of the All-Russian Society of the Deaf

Deputy Terentyev expressed bewilderment at the publicity of the detention of the chairman of the All-Russian Society of the Deaf

“The Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs cannot make mistakes, but some of its employees can.”

The capital's petty-bourgeois court arrested the head of the All-Russian Society of the Deaf, Stanislav Ivanov. He was placed in custody until April 8. Ivanov and a number of his associates are accused of embezzlement.

Ivanov was a voluntary assistant to State Duma deputy Mikhail Terentyev. In an interview with MK, the people's representative expressed surprise at “how clumsily some employees of the investigation department work.”

Let us remind you that yesterday employees of the SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained the leaders of the All-Russian Society of the Deaf. Among the detainees were the president of the society Stanislav Ivanov, vice-presidents Evgeny Bezrukov and Venera Gaulston, assistant to the president of the Vog Mikhail Bragin, former vice-president Vadim Ivanchenko and other heads of regional departments and employees. The reasons for the detention are still unknown.

– My assistant on a voluntary basis, Stanislav Ivanov, is accused of allegedly signing documents under the leadership of the former president of the Society of the Deaf (VOG) Valery Rukhledev. Rukhledev was convicted, more than five years have passed since then. This case has already been closed,” Terentyev explained.

We all understand that the investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs cannot make mistakes. But some of its employees may make mistakes. I am sure that behind all this there is some kind of economic dispute, the subject of which is the ownership of VOG in the center of Moscow of an eight-story building where the company’s office is located. The previous chairman was accused of wanting to sell this office. And now a similar story is emerging, although no one is selling it. I don’t want to get involved in an economic dispute - who wants to take away what and what to seize, but in fact I see that this building belongs to the All-Russian Society of the Deaf.

-Have you known Ivanov for a long time?

- Personally, I have known Stanislav Alexandrovich for more than 16 years. Before, he, like me, went in for sports. I often crossed paths with him when he worked at the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, I saw that his position was always on the side of justice and honesty.

The deputy also believes that his assistant’s right to privacy was violated.

– On what basis were the videos filmed without the permission of the person they were filming? – Deputy Terentyev is perplexed. “It is known that this filming was carried out from a car at seven in the morning. Just yesterday, a person (president of the Vog Stanislav Ivanov - author's note) was going to hold a meeting of the collegial executive body of the largest organization. He is a public person and does not run away, always takes patriotic positions, takes part in all events, helps deaf people with disabilities.

Why post a video of Ivanov’s arrest at seven in the morning on social networks? If the investigator is confident in his legal actions, then what does the federal media have to do with it? I was surprised at how widely the major media covered his detention. This approach to detaining a respected person should be the subject of prosecutorial scrutiny. I have already sent my appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding this situation. And in the near future I will send a request to the prosecutor’s office to ensure the legality of the procedural actions from the point of view of legislation and media coverage of what the investigator did and why he did it.

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