ChatGPT became available without registration – Kommersant

ChatGPT became available without registration – Kommersant


The developer of Chat-GPT OpenAI announced that from today, April 1, access to the chatbot with generative artificial intelligence will be available to users without registration. The company explained the decision by the need to maximize access to Chat-GPT.

“Starting today, you can use ChatGPT instantly, without the need for registration. We are introducing this feature gradually to make AI accessible to everyone who is interested in its capabilities,” the statement says. press release OpenAI.

Meanwhile, the company clarified that creating an account when using ChatGPT will allow you to save and view the history of your requests, as well as unlock additional features, including voice communication with the bot and the use of special instructions.

The first version of ChatGPT, which OpenAI has been developing since 2015, was launched on November 30, 2022. In February 2023, according to OpenAI, the number of users of a chatbot based on GPT-4, launched in the same year, reached 100 million people. The new version – GPT-5 – could be released in the summer of 2024, Business Insider reported, citing sources close to OpenAI.

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