Bashkiria returns penal battalions // Convicts are offered to be sent to the SVO zone according to the law

Convicted citizens are offered to be given the opportunity to participate in a military operation in Ukraine, while every day at the front will be counted as ten days in captivity. Such an amendment to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is initiated by the Kurultai (parliament) of Bashkiria. Earlier, videos from Russian colonies were circulating on social networks, where convicts, on unclear legal grounds, were offered to join the troops. In the Bashkir parliament, the need for a project on penal battalions was explained by concern for the mobilized, who are "torn away from industries and families." Deputies propose to ban participation in the SVO for those convicted of rape, terrorism, hostage-taking and spreading fakes about the RF Armed Forces. In Bashkiria, they believe that the project will "strengthen the country's defense capability and restore social justice."

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