Andrey Vorobyov spoke about gifts from schoolchildren delivered to Donbass

Andrey Vorobyov spoke about gifts from schoolchildren delivered to Donbass


The “Week of Good Deeds” campaign, supported by the governor of the Moscow region, was initiated by schoolchildren and volunteers. It took place in March in educational institutions of the region.

“Good deeds unite the Moscow region – our caring residents who with all their hearts want to support the fighters. These are volunteers, the older generation, and, of course, our boys and girls, who from the first days have been trying to help the soldiers on the front line,” said Andrei Vorobiev.

The truck that arrived in Donbass contained 20 tons of cargo. These are camouflage nets, trench candles, amulets, painted gingerbread cookies, as well as tens of thousands of letters with words of support.

“More than one and a half thousand schools in our region participated in the “Week of Good Deeds,” and no one wanted to remain on the sidelines. Schoolchildren weaved 550 camouflage nets. They thought that if you put them together, you would get one and a half football fields. The guys wrote more than 150 thousand letters to the front,” the governor said.

Volunteers from the Moscow region sent parcels to the front, to the Chervonogvardeysky territorial center of Makeyevka, as well as to the Church of the Archangel Michael, the mobile hospital of St. Alexis and to the field kitchen in Mariupol. Also, gifts were received by kindergarten No. 1 in Novoazovsk, children’s Sunday school of the Holy Dormition Church, special boarding school No. 28 and the Church of St. John Chrysostom in Donetsk. After the end of the “Week of Good Deeds”, many schoolchildren and teachers continued their volunteer work.


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