Actress Marina Fedunkiv spoke about her marriage to an Italian

Actress Marina Fedunkiv spoke about her marriage to an Italian


Actress and singer Marina Fedunkiv, known for her role as Kolyan’s mother from “Real Boys,” has been happily married to Italian Stefano Maggi for three years. In an interview Fedunkiv shared details of her personal life. She admitted that since childhood she dreamed of marrying an Italian, and his husband liked Russian women.

Fedunkiv said that she and her husband did not have a “grinding in” stage.

“We didn’t have any chemistry as such – since childhood I dreamed of marrying an Italian, and Stefano has been crazy about Russians since he lived in Russia. So everything worked out perfectly for us. I admire the way Italians treat to women – with respect and care. They love to live, they appreciate everything that they have,” the actress shared.

According to her, Stefano appreciates the breadth of soul in Russians and the fact that we can unite in joy and sorrow. She and her husband learn from each other the best traits of their nations.

Stefano works in Moscow as a top manager of one of the companies. He and Fedunkiv live outside the city, keep cats and dogs. The actress admitted that their schedules often do not coincide, but they try to spend time together and travel. At such moments, she turns off her phone so that no one will disturb them. She also noted that they often watch films and TV series with her participation. Her husband is her biggest fan and critic.


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