A visitor to Crocus City Hall who survived a terrorist attack told the original version of events

A visitor to Crocus City Hall who survived a terrorist attack told the original version of events


“Surely there were “bookmarks” on the roof

The rescue operation at Crocus City Hall has been completed. The course of events and the route of the terrorists have been established as accurately as possible. But nevertheless, new facts appear in eyewitness accounts that cannot be ignored. One of the surviving spectators, the general director of a large publishing house, Yulia Nizovtseva, was previously a military servicewoman. She immediately realized what was happening. This largely saved her life and allowed her to give her assessment of the events.

– Julia, who did you go to the concert with that day and why?

– My husband and I love the Picnic group, especially when they perform with a symphony orchestra. We bought a ticket in advance. It’s my husband’s birthday on March 22, so this was a gift for him. Our 14-year-old daughter and my husband’s brother came with me.

– How did you find out about the terrorist attack?

– We arrived at 19.48 by taxi. My husband and brother stayed outside to smoke, while my daughter and I went into the hall. We had a VIP parterre, row 9. We took our places, talked a little, and then I heard shots. Since I am a former soldier, I immediately realized that it was machine gun fire. The thought immediately pops into my head: “Nord Ost.” I jumped up, grabbed my daughter and ran to the stage from the left side. It turned out that we were saved in the first rows.

– It turns out that the terrorists shot you in the back?

– No, they had not entered the hall by that time. I only heard sound. But as soon as the first rows got up on stage, a miracle happened, I can’t call it anything else. The exit to the street opened in front of us. There, on the left, it turns out, there was an exit for transporting equipment directly to the stage. He led to the street. It’s huge, trucks could drive up there. Thanks to the employee who got his bearings and opened this exit. He saved many lives.

– Why didn’t other viewers take advantage of this large “portal”?

– I assume that the terrorists, entering the hall, saw him and began to cut off people in bursts. I have no other explanation. Half of the Crocus could have escaped through this exit.

– Why did you decide that the fire started from the roof of the building, and not from the hall?

“When we ran out into the street, I started calling my husband. During the attack, he was on the -1 floor in the wardrobe. From there there was an exit to the parking lot. Therefore, we quickly met on the bridge opposite Crocus City Hall. And when we were standing there, literally 20 minutes after the start of the attack, we saw a huge flame above the concert hall. The roof was on fire. I can’t imagine that fire could spread from the hall so quickly. Surely there were “bookmarks” or helpers on the roofs. The fire was immediately very powerful.

– What consequences remain after the experience?

– It’s morally difficult. Now I can’t read anything except news about Crocus. I go to Vegas, which is the store closest to my house, and I have an unpleasant memory. I look to see if the guard has a weapon. It’s very hard to go through. I think it will never be forgotten.


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