A film premiere with the participation of legends took place in Moscow: Vyalbe and two Zatsepins came

A film premiere with the participation of legends took place in Moscow: Vyalbe and two Zatsepins came

Regulars of social gatherings are accustomed to seeing other regulars at events: star fans of attending film premieres. Everyone has known these names for a long time, so they won’t surprise anyone. But at the next Russian premiere, people suddenly appeared who, as they say, had never been seen or had not met for a very long time. For example, the legendary composer Alexander Zatsepin.

At just under 98 years old (performed in March), the classic of Russian music, as it turns out, is very active. The composer, of course, spoke in an interview about the fact that he does physical exercise every morning for half an hour and even masters yoga asanas, but not all fans believed in it. And then the evidence arrived. Or rather, Alexander Zatsepin himself, who quite cheerfully walked arm in arm with his assistant. He was in a good mood, the composer happily took pictures at the press box, and then went to the auditorium.

It is worth noting that an unusual situation occurred that evening: there were two Zatsepins on the red carpet. No, not relatives. Almost after the composer, singer Anton Zatsepin, a graduate of the Star Factory, appeared. The journalists who photographed the namesakes asked the girls standing nearby to make a wish. The girls did not resist.

Singer Zatsepin that evening, by the way, came with a young lady - his daughter from his first marriage, Alexandra-Martha. The schoolgirl will be 15 years old in March, so we couldn’t help but ask how the family plans to celebrate her birthday. But Anton admitted that he had not even thought about it yet. “Last year we celebrated at karaoke. In general, I have my own attitude towards the holidays. For example, I only realized the fact that it was Valentine’s Day on the night of February 14th. And this despite the fact that I had signs before: I was supposed to perform the next day. In the end, they celebrated it in such a way that we spent the whole day at home - that is, it was celebrated perfectly,” said the artist. Father and daughter also preferred not to talk about gifts. “My mother takes care of my birthday, these are always unusual surprises. And the best gift is that they created me,” said the unexpectedly young birthday girl.

Another rare guest was Timofey Pronkin, a member of the Hi-Fi group. He brought his son to watch the war film “Commander”. “I took my youngest son with me, and my wife works. We have a lot of tours for the holidays,” Timofey immediately gave out a portion of the news.

Journalists began to find out how the family life of the Hi-Fi lead singer was going.

“My wife and I have been together for 26 years. As an experienced henpecked and opportunist, I can say that I am for equal, sober relationships. Although I agree that a man is the head of everything, a woman is the neck, and so on. On March 8th I will give my wife my good behavior, but on February 23rd I don’t expect anything: my wife gave me two wonderful sons, she did everything in this life for me. She loves me, and I love her,” the artist shared.

At some point, another guest materialized on the red carpet, whose appearance the correspondents could not miss: he visits very rarely. Singer and deputy Denis Maidanov was serious. “An important event is coming soon—the presidential election,” he reminded reporters.

During the conversation with the serious artist, the correspondents asked what Denis was proud of, and he replied that, of course, his children: his daughter and son.

Elena Vyalbe.

“My daughter is moving towards a singing and acting career, she is a universal soldier - she has been preparing for this since childhood. Now she is entering a good age - she is 16 years old, she will soon release a solo album and will begin her first roles in big films. And my son is 10 years old, he studies at school, he is an excellent student,” Maidanov franked with MK. The singer also noted that Defender of the Fatherland Day will not pass him by. “The holiday of February 23 in our time acquires special significance, because men have always been the defenders of the Fatherland, and now the defenders of the Fatherland are both men and women. Without an internal front, the external front is, of course, strong, but victory is achieved through the efforts of both fronts, so now all defenders of the Fatherland who help the front within the country have the right to celebrate this holiday,” concluded Maidanov and headed into the hall.

And in the hall another rare guest was already waiting for the film to start. The legendary skier Elena Vyalbe came to watch a movie made by her friends, and at the same time delighted numerous fans with her appearance. Of course, the athlete has changed somewhat since the time when she competed for our country, but everyone immediately recognized the same wide smile and eyes.

Published in the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" No. 29222 dated February 22, 2024

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Two Zatsepin and one Vyalbe

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