47-year-old Shakira started an affair with a 31-year-old young man

47-year-old Shakira started an affair with a 31-year-old young man


Singer Shakira began a relationship with 31-year-old actor Laviscount

In 2022, Shakira went through a difficult separation from the father of her children, Gerard Pique. The singer accused the football player of treason, took her two sons and left Barcelona for the USA. Pique quickly found solace in the arms of his young mistress, while Shakira was left alone for a long time. It took her more than a year to come to her senses. But now it has become known that the singer has found happiness and love again.

Close friends of the artist said Daily Mail, that 47-year-old Shakira is dating 31-year-old actor Lucien Laviscount, known for the TV series “Emily in Paris.”

Their romance began during the filming of the video clip for Shakira’s song “Punteria”, which took place in February. Lucien played the singer’s lover in the video, where he gently hugs Shakira and caresses her cheek.

The sparks on set blossomed into real feelings in real life. Soon after the release of the video, the couple was spotted at a romantic dinner in a New York restaurant.

However, Shakira’s friends express serious concerns about Laviscount’s intentions, considering him a gigolo who could use his relationship with the singer for the sake of his fame. They fear that the actor will squeeze everything he needs out of Shakira and then leave her, breaking her heart.

At the same time, those close to the star are sure that Shakira still cannot forget Gerard Pique and is only trying to find a replacement for him in the arms of another.


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