“Yandex” explained the unexpected response of the “Alice” column about “Masha and the Bear”

"Yandex" explained the unexpected response of the "Alice" column about "Masha and the Bear"


In Yandex, the answer from the smart column “Alice” about “Masha and the Bear” was called an isolated case.

The Yandex press service explained why the smart speaker “Alice” gave an unexpected answer to a question about the cartoon “Masha and the Bear”. RBC writes about this.

According to a company representative, “Alice” is constantly learning new things, but she may not be able to find the necessary words in all cases. For some questions, the device uses open sources from which it takes information.

“Alice” in isolated cases could answer incorrectly the question about the family of the main character of the cartoon “Masha and the Bear.” At the moment, she no longer responds like that,” the company’s press service explained.

Previously, the Commissioner for Children’s Rights in St. Petersburg, Anna Mityanina, during her report to parliament showed a cartoon excerpt “Masha and the Bear and said that children ask the question why Masha lives alone.

The “Alice” column cited an answer from one of the Internet sites: Masha is the ghost of a murdered girl, so she does not grow, and only animals can see him. Masha’s parents could not bear the loss of their child and left, leaving an empty house. And Masha tortures the bear, because it was he who took her life.


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