Women's salary expectations are 42% lower than men's - Kommersant

Women's salary expectations are 42% lower than men's - Kommersant

According to a study by the recruiting platform HeadHunter (HH.ru), the salary expectations of women in Russia in 2023 were lower by 23 thousand rubles, or 42%, than the requirements of men. On average, women expected 52 thousand rubles. Research data from HH.ru shows "News".

The study notes that women's salary expectations are lower in all areas of employment. Analysts recorded the largest gap in the demands of men and women in the extraction of raw materials, consulting, agriculture, medicine and IT - in these industries, women ask for 35-38 thousand rubles. less. The smallest difference (up to 2.5 thousand) is in construction, art, entertainment and mass media.

Director of Analytics and Data Science at Rabota.ru Elena Artemyeva, in a conversation with Izvestia, explained that the reason for the gender gap in salary expectations can be considered the fact that women more often choose lower-paid areas of activity. “In addition, they usually have more modest ambitions for career growth, and also have long career breaks due to maternity leave,” she said.

According to a study by the Rabota.ru service, in 2021 the desired salary of men was 46% higher than that of women. The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that the global average gender pay gap was 20% in 2022. On the Russian market, the figure is even higher - about 37.3%. Among the main reasons for the persistence of the gap, researchers identify unequal access to education, occupational segregation of employment and “family” factors (childbirth and motherhood).

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