Volochkova commented on rumors about imminent marriage

Volochkova commented on rumors about imminent marriage

Anastasia Volochkova denied information about an imminent wedding with Yegor Ivashchenko

Information about the imminent wedding of TV presenter and former member of the “Star Factory” Yegor Ivashchenko and the famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova appeared in the media. It was reported that he gave the star diamond earrings worth 600 thousand rubles and invited the artist on a date. However, Volochkova herself reacted sharply to these rumors.

The ballerina said that she is constantly assigned as boyfriends to those with whom she is simply acquainted or even not. Volochkova noted that some are trying to promote themselves using her name. As for Ivashchenko, the artist said, he has nothing to do with her.

“Recently, I supported one of his events with my presence and invited him to visit with his assistant to discuss some project, which turned out to be not at all interesting and Lenten. And that’s it!” – she said in a conversation with the publication Teleprogramma.pro.

Volochkova also stated that the dissemination of information about her without her knowledge, in particular about her alleged marriage, is nonsense and impudence. As for the earrings for 600 thousand rubles, these are “sponsor glass”.

“At his event in a restaurant he gave some sponsorship glass, thus organizing a cheap clownery and asking me to promote him everywhere. Ugh! Disgraceful!” – the artist concluded.

The ballerina said that as soon as she finds a decent, noble and worthy man, she will definitely report it.

Previously Anastasia Volochkova stated that she had an affair with Hollywood star, comedian Jim Carrey. Prima toldthat at the time of the meeting with the actor she was in a relationship with businessman Suleiman Kerimov. According to her, the actor did not hide it and immediately declared his love. However, they immediately decided that they could not be together, since he would not leave Hollywood, and she would not leave Russia.

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