"VKontakte" will be integrated with "State Services"

The Russian social network "VKontakte" will receive some functions of the "Gosuslugi" service. This was announced at the international forum Kazan Digital Week 2022 by the CEO of VK Vladimir Kiriyenko. The mini-application "Gosuslug" in VKontakte will have sections "Auto" and "Health", in the latter it will be possible to make an appointment with a doctor in a polyclinic. Notifications from the public services portal will be delivered directly to the VK messenger. Users will be able to connect VKontakte to Gosuslugi if they wish. To do this, in the main information of the VKontakte group, select “confirm through the “Gosuslugi”, then log in to the “Gosuslugi” on behalf of the organization and agree to verify the information. Evgeny Fedunenko

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