Tucker Carlson assessed Ukraine's prospects for victory

Tucker Carlson assessed Ukraine's prospects for victory

Carlson explained why Ukraine and the West will not be able to defeat Russia

American journalist Tucker Carlson, whose interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin caused a lot of noise in the West, expressed his opinion on Ukraine’s ability to win the conflict with Russia in his microblog on the social network X.

In his opinion, this will not happen, even with Western support amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars.

“The Ukrainian Armed Forces will not be able to oust the Russian army from the regions of Eastern Ukraine... Kiev has no industrial potential, just as neither NATO nor the United States have it,” Carlson wrote.

He also recalled that the population of Nezalezhnaya is 100 million people less than that of the Russian Federation.

“This means that further support for the Ukrainian military from the West only means more dead Ukrainians and further degradation of the Western economy in the United States and especially in Germany,” the journalist added.

Political strategist Markelov listed the pain points of the interview with Carlson, which caused hysteria in the West

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