Scholz calls Trump's remarks about NATO "dangerous"

Scholz calls Trump's remarks about NATO "dangerous"

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz criticized former US President Donald Trump's statement about the need for a financial contribution to NATO to receive protection.

At a press conference in Berlin alongside Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Scholz called such statements “irresponsible and dangerous,” stressing that NATO’s collective defense guarantees are fundamental and unlimited. At the same time, Scholz emphasized that Berlin will continue to allocate at least two percent of GDP to collective defense.

In turn, Donald Tusk called Trump's words a "cold shower" for Europe. He called on European countries to invest in their own defense capabilities, pointing to the need for full cooperation with the United States.

Earlier, Tusk discussed with French President Emmanuel Macron the development of the European defense industry and cooperation in the field of nuclear energy.

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