Threads may add a section with the most discussed topics – Kommersant

Threads may add a section with the most discussed topics – Kommersant

The Threads microblogging service (owned by Meta, which is recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation) plans to add a new section to the platform, which will collect the most popular topics. A list of the most discussed topics will be displayed in the “For You” feed and on the search page.

The list of topics will be compiled using an artificial intelligence algorithm, which will take into account the number of discussions and interactions with publications on a particular topic. Threads promises content moderation capabilities to limit recommendations for political topics, duplicate posts, or those that violate community guidelines or are misleading.

It will be possible to complain about topics that users consider to violate the rules of the service. The list of topics, according to the developers, will make it easier to find publications and users. The feature is currently being tested in the US.

Previously Threads became available in Europe. The platform will triple in December 2023 overtook social network X (formerly Twitter) in terms of downloads and entered the top ten most downloaded applications on iOS and Android.

How competitors of the former Twitter are trying to differ from corporate products, read in the Kommersant article “The microblog does not live by thread alone”.

Evgeniy Fedunenko

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