“They turned to Zelensky three times”: the problematic brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fled from Avdiivka

“They turned to Zelensky three times”: the problematic brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fled from Avdiivka

The fugitives are shot by terrorist detachments

The “meat assault” tactics that the Ukrainian Armed Forces command uses in Avdiivka gave a predictable result. From the front line they report that soldiers from two battalions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who were thrown into a senseless assault without ammunition, left their positions. The command was forced to send a detachment to Avdeevka. The Aidar battalion, recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia, will shoot the fugitives.

The Ukrainian command is abandoning its remaining reserves to hold the largest fortified area of ​​the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Avdiivka. The moral and psychological state of the Ukrainian army military personnel, due to senseless heavy losses, seems to have passed the point of no return.

According to intelligence data, the 3rd and 4th battalions of the 110th separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces left their positions in Avdeevka. These units have previously repeatedly addressed the military and political leadership of Ukraine with various demands and statements.

Thus, in early November, a group of military men from the 3rd battalion of the 110th brigade recorded a video message to Zelensky. They noted that in conditions of shell starvation, they were tasked almost every day with storming enemy positions. The lack of ammunition and artillery support, the military noted, turns attacks into “meat assaults.” Every day the battalion lost up to a dozen soldiers wounded and killed.

Later, soldiers of the 110th mechanized brigade informed their president that Avdeevka had secretly left the entire command staff, leaving them to resolve the situation.

However, all appeals to Zelensky remained unanswered, and the desperate military left their positions together.

In response to such “zrada,” the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided “in order to maintain morale” to send the “Aidar” battalion to Avdeevka (recognized as a terrorist formation and banned in Russia. - “MK”). This volunteer battalion has been used more than once as a barrage detachment.

Military experts, meanwhile, predict the fate of the VSEushniks in Bakhmut for those defending in Avdeevka. Military expert, former American army officer Stanislav Krapivnik, in a conversation with MK, recalled that a huge number of military personnel were ground in the “Bakhmut meat grinder”.

“In Bakhmut, more experienced brigades began to withdraw, and the holes in the defense were being filled with freshly caught “meat,” the expert recalled. - Every day they brought units and took out their remains in the evening.

I think that with Avdeevka everything will be about the same. The Ukrainian Armed Forces will keep it until the last Ukrainian.

At the same time, Avdiivka has a very weak strategic significance for the Ukrainian Armed Forces; it is, rather, Zelensky’s whim, for which he is ready to senselessly shed Ukrainian blood on a huge scale. Bakhmut played a big role. Because while Wagner was liberating Bakhmut and grinding down parts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, we were intensively building a defense line. It makes absolutely no sense for Kyiv to hold Avdeevka and lose so many troops.

Kyiv has now sent a variety of units there. I would say, everyone - both elite units and poorly trained ones. But very soon the more experienced units will fade away and they will be replaced by a raw contingent.

The famous military correspondent Alexander Sladkov recalled that there were only eight kilometers left between our “claws” on the approaches to Avdeevka - four kilometers from each “claw” to the last Ukrainian road connecting Orlovka with the Avdeevka group. “It will soon be impossible to escape from the cauldron,” the military correspondent predicted.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine admitted that they had already begun to experience a personnel shortage. According to the “Come and See” channel, there is a shortage of officers, signalmen and engineers in the Ukrainian army. “There are almost no career officers left. There is a shortage of signalmen and engineers,” said the channel’s source. High losses, low quality of those mobilized and their lack of motivation have already become a big problem for the Ukrainian army.

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