The United States announced “evidence” of Russia’s involvement in the “Havana syndrome”

The United States announced “evidence” of Russia’s involvement in the “Havana syndrome”


CBS announced evidence of Russian involvement in cases of Havana syndrome

Journalists from CBS News claims there is evidence linking Russian intelligence agencies to incidents known as “Havana syndrome,” in which U.S. officials and diplomats suffered unexplained headaches and nausea. They revealed this information in the “60 minutes” program, which was published on their YouTube channel.

According to journalists, they have emails from high-ranking representatives of the Russian Security Council, which discuss the transfer of “unique technology” to Vietnam, which allegedly belongs only to Russia.

In an interview with Greg Edgreen, the former head of the Pentagon’s Havana Syndrome investigation, he said he would eat his tie if it was wrong that Russia was behind these strange, hefty incidents.

On March 30, CBS also reported on the case of a senior Pentagon official who suffered from “Havana syndrome” while attending a NATO summit in Lithuania. This may indicate the involvement of a “foreign enemy” in cases of illness of American officials on foreign business trips.

This new finding contradicts a statement last year by the US intelligence community, which denied foreign involvement in causing “Havana syndrome” among US employees (including dizziness, nausea, headaches and hearing problems).

The first signs of similar symptoms were seen among US diplomats in Cuba in 2016 and 2017, and in China in 2018.


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