The terrorist attack in Crocus was declared a “relative” of the shelling of Belgorod

The terrorist attack in Crocus was declared a “relative” of the shelling of Belgorod


The SVR announced a connection between the terrorist attack at Crocus and the United States, Ukraine and the Russians who left

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service issued a statement in which it announced the connection between the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall and the shelling of the Belgorod and Kursk regions.

“The killing of civilians in the Moscow region,” the SVR statement says, “is a direct ‘relative’ of massive rocket attacks and attacks by the DRG in the Kursk and Belgorod regions.”

The department’s statement claims that the United States is also involved in what is happening, which is trying to “shield out (Ukrainian President Vladimir) Zelensky.” The Foreign Intelligence Service states that the Ukrainians “use satellite information provided to them by American intelligence,” while the United States, meanwhile, is trying to convince its allies of guilt in the terrorist attack of the “Afghan branch of the terrorist organization ISIS Vilayat Khorasan banned in Russia.” In this regard, the Foreign Intelligence Service complained that today “the information field is filled with false statements” about the fact that “Russia has long been under the gun of the ISIS militants for the war in Chechnya,” and also for supporting Bashar al-Assad in Syria and “establishing ties with the Taliban movement.”

However, the “propaganda rhetoric” of the United States “sells poorly,” the Foreign Intelligence Service noted and assured that “the Americans are unable to achieve a unified assessment of the tragedy near Moscow” among their allies.

The opposition that left Russia has been brought in to help Washington, the SVR said. The emigrants, according to the department, “are instructed to inflate the topic of the unfoundedness of the attempts” of the Russian authorities “to use the terrorist attack to justify the SVO in Ukraine.”


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