the period of stay of foreigners in Russia will be reduced to 90 days – Kommersant

the period of stay of foreigners in Russia will be reduced to 90 days – Kommersant

Representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Irina Volk said that the department has completed work on a bill to tighten state control in the field of migration. According to her, the law will oblige foreigners to submit biometric data and will reduce the period of their stay in the country to 90 days a year.

“A comprehensive bill in the field of migration will create the necessary conditions for the practical implementation of measures related to limiting certain rights of foreign citizens and imposing additional responsibilities on them,” wrote Irina Volk in Telegram channel.

The new rules include the creation of a digital profile of a foreigner and a register of employers and foreign workers. When entering Russia, citizens of other countries will also be required to submit biometric data and sign a loyalty agreement, which states that the right to enter the country is limited in case of violation of local laws. In addition, a single document will be created to replace the residence and work permits issued today.

According to the bill, the expulsion of foreigners from Russia will be carried out both by the courts as punishment and by executive authorities as coercion. The police will supervise the stay of foreign citizens.

The tightening of migration policy in Russia began to be discussed after the terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall near Moscow on March 22. Four of the alleged terrorists have Tajik citizenship. The Ministry of Labor of Tajikistan against this background recorded the outflow of migrants from the Russian Federation, as well as cases of oppression of Tajiks in the country “at the everyday level.”

About the control mechanisms being considered by the authorities - in the material "Kommersant" “Migrants are surrounded by digitalization”.

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