The Ministry of Defense of Moldova said that the country is not ready to join NATO

The head of the Ministry of Defense of Moldova, Anatoly Nosatii, in an interview with Live said that now the country is not ready to become a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, since the national army is poorly equipped.

According to him, one desire to join NATO is not enough. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a number of reforms and modernize the army.

“NATO is a powerful military-political organization. In order to enter it, you need to implement certain standards and contribute to the budget of the alliance. At this point, we are not ready to become a NATO member, if only for the reason that the equipment of our national army leaves much to be desired,” said Nosatiy.

He clarified that Moldova is in dire need of new weapons. In particular, the situation that is developing in Ukraine requires a review of the needs of the defense sector.

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