Vedomosti: members of the government and employees of the Presidential Administration will publish declarations “in a generalized form”

Data on the income of officials of the presidential administration and the government will be published "in a generalized form", according to Vedomosti with reference to sources. According to one of them, the White House is now "studying this issue."

An unnamed government official referred to a Decree signed by Vladimir Putin in December, by which combatants freed from declaring income for the period of the military operation. In the Kremlin then claimedthat only officials of the annexed territories are exempted from declaring income. According to the other two interlocutors of Vedomosti, the declarations of the Kremlin employees will be published in a "generalized form" by analogy with the declarations of federal parliamentarians.

Yesterday, January 24, State Duma approved in the second reading, a draft law containing an amendment allowing deputies of all levels to waive the annual declaration of income and property. It is also assumed that from March 1, information on the income of all regional deputies (including paid ones) will be published in a generalized form, without indicating personal data. Member of the Federation Council Alexander Bashkin thinksthat this will help prevent declarations from falling into the hands of "enemies". Kremlin assuredthat parliamentarians will continue to file income declarations.

More about the initiative - in the material "Kommersant" "Impersonal Income".

Laura Keffer

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