The head of the State Duma committee proposed fines for stalking – Kommersant

The head of the State Duma committee proposed fines for stalking - Kommersant


The head of the Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Affairs Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR) developed a bill on administrative liability for harassment and violation of privacy. It is assumed that stalkers will face a fine of 2–3 thousand rubles for the first violation, and 5 thousand rubles for a repeated violation. or administrative arrest for up to 15 days.

We have become familiar with the bill “News”. The Ministry of Justice reported that the document has been received by the department and is undergoing the approval procedure with the concerned authorities.

It is expected that a separate article “Persecution” will be introduced into the Administrative Code. This is proposed to be understood as the systematic commission of actions aimed at causing moral suffering to the victim. Violation can be expressed, for example, by sending messages by phone, in social networks and letters.

Mr. Nilov in his explanatory note draws attention to the fact that the current legislation does not provide criminal liability for bullying a person and does not provide for measures to deter a stalker. The MP noted that laws against stalking exist in other countries. In China, stalkers can be detained for up to five days or fined 500 yuan for activities such as voyeurism, secret videotaping, eavesdropping on other people and violating privacy. In the United States and a number of other countries, the victim of stalkers can obtain a so-called restraining order through the court, which limits contact between the stalker and the victim.

The State Duma previously raised the issue of countering persecution. Thus, in 2019, deputies at the United Russia round table discussed mechanisms to combat cyberstalking.

Leonid Uvarchev


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