The government has published a list of economically significant companies

The government has published a list of economically significant companies

The Russian government has approved a list of economically significant organizations (ESO). It included six holding companies. The order was published on the official Internet portal legal information. The Ministry of Economy clarified that the list may be expanded.

The list includes:

  • AB Holding, which controls Alfa Bank;
  • UNS-Holding LLC is the beneficiary of Alfastrakhovanie;
  • LLC "Corporate Center ICS 5" - structure of X5 Group;
  • LLC "City Supermarket" - manages hypermarkets "Azbuka Vkusa";
  • JSC Acron Group is one of the main shareholders of the mineral fertilizer manufacturer Acron;
  • coal mining company Razrez Arshanovsky.

Economically significant organizations are business entities necessary to ensure the economic sovereignty and security of Russia. In January, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree allowing EZO not to publish information about its activities in the public domain. For such organizations simplified transition to Russian jurisdiction. They are also allowed through the courts to exclude foreign participants from “unfriendly” countries from ownership.

To be included in the EZO list, a company must meet at least one criterion: annual revenue - more than 75 billion rubles, value of assets - more than 150 billion rubles, staff - more than 4 thousand people, the company’s work in critical industries, as well as a share direct or indirect participation of Russian beneficiaries in the IHC (as a general rule - more than 50%).

Read more about EZO in the material “Wait for years or take it with bills”.

Lusine Balasyan

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