The Duma offered a benefit to student fathers: “it will help save lives”

The Duma offered a benefit to student fathers: “it will help save lives”

“The state will benefit doubly from this”

The State Duma proposed transferring students who become fathers to the budget. This initiative was put forward by deputy Yana Lantratova, on the condition that young fathers fulfill the responsibilities of raising and educating their children and receive their first education.

The implementation of the initiative, according to the author, will improve the demographic situation in the country. She addressed her to the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Valery Falkov.

“The main task of increasing the birth rate lies with the young generation from 20 to 30 years old, most of whom are studying in secondary vocational and higher education programs. Russia is experiencing a period of sharp natural population decline, which amounts to about 599 thousand people annually. With the development of this dynamics, after 7 generations the population of the Russian Federation will be reduced to 14 million people,” stated the deputy’s address to the minister.

“Now the average age of birth of a child is 28 years,” noted the first deputy head of the State Duma Committee on Education, Yana Lantratova, in an interview with MK. – If we want to stop depopulation, it (the age) must be reduced to 21-22 years. One can only welcome the desire of young people to get an education, find a job they like and become a professional in it. This is good for the state too.

But it’s not always possible to combine this with family. First of all, based on financial considerations. Therefore, it is necessary to create support programs for young people that will help them get back on their feet without giving up childbearing. First of all, we need to help students. For those who do not yet have an income, but it so happens that they are expecting a child. So that they do not have to leave university if they become pregnant, or look for a part-time job that will interfere with their studies. The state will benefit from this doubly.

– It won’t happen that many people will specifically want to have a child in order to receive this benefit?

– This benefit will provide an opportunity to transfer to the budget, but not to graduate from the university. Therefore, I don’t think that anyone will specifically have children in order to get it. You still have to study and even more. But for those who are faced with a choice, it will help save their lives.

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